Thursday, April 16, 2015

Birthday at the zoo

 Zachary and I went to the zoo for my 25th birthday on Saturday. I had randomly been wanting to go to the zoo and thought this was the perfect opportunity. We absolutely could not have had a better day, and it was still relatively quite since school is still in session. My allergies were trying to get the best of me but we just kept going. We had a wonderful afternoon seeing all of the animals. Enjoy!

 This little squirrel monkey picture above stole my heart. It was a photographic coincidence is all I'll say, but it turned out beautifully. I couldn't be happier with it and want to print it asap. So happy with my new D4S.

    Blooms at the Zoo!

    Pygmy marmosets are my new favorite animal. They were so fascinating.

    We named this little guy grouchy...he didn't seem too happy to see us.

    This was the male lion's fur peeking through from the catwalk...I think it was actually his tail.

   This little guy had quite the look.

    Three little monkeys....
    I love my polar bears.

    Zoo employee helping a little girl up a 'ride' because she was afraid.

     Boyfriend with his GoPro he never leaves behind...even if it's not on in this picture.

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