Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving at the shore

My family and I went down to Stone Harbor for this Thanksgiving Holiday. Other than some water lines, beach erosion, closed roads, and minor exterior damage, we didn't see a lot of serious damage. My cousin and I participated in a 5k (my first official, and got 29:45) in Avalon, and there were some docks that had washed into nearby parking lots. The most people I saw down there the entire time was the morning of the race. Around 300 people came out for it. Overall, it was a great weekend to catch up with family and relax before I start working.

Addie hamming it up onstage downtown.
Bikers riding down 84th St. & 3rd Avenue.

Of course my cousin Andy was crazy enough to go surfing in November and the guys below were fishing.   

This store in Stone Harbor got 18 inches of water.

Holiday sand castle and pet parade downtown.

Couldn't resist posting this Pug.
This little guy reminded me of my Aunt's dog Nano.
Pilgrim pup anyone?

Another adorable dog and Christmas Boo.

Pittsburgh chillen

I haven't been to Pittsburgh for a couple of years. I have some friends who live there and thought it would be fun to visit. Turns out, Pittsburgh was a lot more fun than I remembered. We went to the Andy Warhol Museum, a huge market area downtown, rode the incline and walked around to the different lookouts, and even saw someone get engaged there. I had a great time eating, drinking, browsing, shopping, laughing and catching up with friends. The boyfriend is on the way to the city from my end of the state too, so visiting him was a great way to break up the time (it would have been a 4.5-5 hour drive otherwise).

 A woman walks out of a children's store where a hopscotch game was drawn up to the front door.

Up next: just some city sights:

 Hey! Who knew there was a street with my last name there.

 This sign still didn't encourage me to start my shopping.

 Shout-out to my friends at the Post-Gazette .

Following are some images from the incline and from atop Mount Washington. We went to a few different lookout areas.