Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Birds

    So this was pretty much the toughest thing I've had to shoot in a while if not ever. 8 inches of snow at Lincoln Financial  
    Field. All I can say is, at least I was mostly prepared for the weather. THANK YOU WEATHER.COM and previous PSU 
    games. I had hand warmers, waterproof pants, snow boots, a heavy jacket with a hood, had, gloves, etc. I think I was 
    literally wearing six layers on my top half and at least three on the bottom. I had camera rain gear, etc. but it is tough. 
    Tough to see, as everything is fogging up from your breath, rain is still getting on the outside glass of your lens, etc. The 
    only good shot from the first half of the game that I manually focused was this one above. The visibility made everything 
    incredibly difficult. I ended up just putting my 300mm back in the work room because I wasn't able to see anything 
    through it to shoot. 

    I thought I was the only one, but luckily everyone was having problems. One TV guy said to me as he was filming "well, I 
    guess I'll have to watch the game on TV later, because I can't see shit down here." Lots of cursing in the photo work room 
    after the game when everyone was editing. Everyone had shots out of focus, and/or in questionable focus because of the 
    visibility. It was very challenging, but luckily it lightened up in the second half. I was able to get a lot of shots that I could 
    use from that second half. I may have been in trouble if I would have had to leave at halftime.


The Birds came out with a 34-20 victory in the snow over the Lions. It took me twice as long to get home.

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