Sunday, June 26, 2011

Destiny & Andy's Wedding

Weddings are a beautiful thing, and I love that my profession allows me to photograph them. Yesterday,  I photographed my first wedding with my good friend and co-worker Andrew Dunheimer for Destiny and Andy. I had only been to one wedding before this, so it was sort of new to me, but I figured I would catch on quickly, since it's almost just like any other event to photograph.  It was a quaint wedding at a winery just about 20 minutes outside of State College. Though the weather disagreed with us during the ceremony, it cleared up for the reception and turned into a beautiful day. Here are some of my choice shots that I pulled out after going through all of my photos. It was a good wedding to have as my first one, because both areas were small, there wasn't a lot of people, it was during the day, and the ceremony and reception were in the same spot. Congratulations to Andy & Destiny, and enjoy the photos. I'm always interested in comments and suggestions as well, especially since this was my first wedding. 

The bride and her father preparing to walk down the aisle.

 Below, the receiving line begins.

In the wine cellar.

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