Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Assignment 4: "Defining Beauty"

This week's assignment was to define what we see as beautiful. As a former dancer, I wanted to show the beauty that dancers can portray through their work. I had contacted the ballet club at Penn State, Volé, asking to photograph a point technique class. When I showed up at the time the girl had told me, however, I was surprised to find that it was only a rehearsal for a piece for their semester showcase. More than a little bit disappointed, as it was Monday at 11 p.m., I continued to shoot hopefully to get something useable. I found out that the girl who was choreographing the dance had knee surgery, yet still keeps dancing because it is her passion. To me, displaying her scar and continuing to go for her dreams even after overcoming a major obstacle is the definition of true beauty.

Becky Kelley, a Penn State senior majoring in integrative arts and dance, instructs four fellow Volé club dancers in the White Building on Monday night. As a senior and member of Volé, the ballet club on campus, Kelley choreographed a dance for Volé's showcase for the Fall of 2010 set to Ella Fitzgerald's "Fever." Kelley continued to pursue her passion of dance even after having knee surgery, which left a scar on her right knee.

Melanie Angle, a Penn State Senior majoring in psychology dances during a rehearsal for a showcase piece for Volé, Penn State's dance club, in the White Building on Monday night. The piece was set to "Fever" by Ella Fitzgerald, and was choreographed by senior Becky Kelley, an integrative arts major.

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